The Variety of Nature

Spring is coming with its variety of colors and species of plants, trees and even wildlife. How blessed we are to revel in such uniqueness created by God’s hand. Every plant and animal has a purpose, designed by God. We are quick to appreciate the variety and uniqueness in nature, but not so often in mankind. 

At Open Door Mission, we try to see and appreciate each person that comes here, employee or staff as the individual God made them. People who enter the New Life Recovery Program for addictions (or just a lifestyle change) are given a case manager to help guide and encourage them along their journey. Each person’s journey is as unique as they are. Embracing each person’s individuality helps them to succeed in their journey. Choosing to see someone as a unique creation of God’s promotes understanding and makes it easy to love one another as Christ commanded.






Maggie Cope
Donor Relations Coordinator

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