The Value of Staff and Volunteers

November 5, 2015  |     |   General

     Whew!  We’ve had so many blessings in the Volunteer Department lately!
     On Halloween Day, we had 250 high school Juniors and Seniors in high school volunteer this morning with College Possible.
     My team of Erica, Corey, I were amazed by the teamwork of our amazing staff to make College Possible’s experience meaningful and productive!    We say, “THANK YOU” to all who helped in stepping up to host and work with volunteers in each of their areas.
     I was literally blown away by how much this group of volunteers accomplished across our campus in the short time that they were here.   AND, I was also blown away by this; as I was thanking students while they boarded their buses, I heard many talking about coming back to volunteer on their own.  What a blessing!
     THANK YOU to all staff who greet, thank, and talk with volunteers on our campus.  You ALL are making impacts in each of their lives.  Ultimately, that is what is going to get them back to Open Door Mission to impact the lives of the people we serve!
     THANK YOU also to all volunteers who come and show our guests that people care for them.  Open Door Mission’s numerous programs could not run without the help of our volunteers.
     Let me share with you our motto among Open Door Mission staff, “Be JESUS, so people can see JESUS, so people can KNOW JESUS!”

Amy Harvey
Volunteer & Partner Director