The Three P’s

Sep 26, 2014  |     |   General

God has laid it out to me lately. He has laid out His desire for my character to be more conformed to Him specifically on 3 different fronts. I need to be more Patient, consider HIS Perspective, and Pick people up (well it would be Encourage, but it didn’t start with a “p”). It is easy to forget each of these key areas, not only here at Open Door Mission, but in our daily lives.
Patience – We demand progress and change to happen on our time table and in our design. We don’t wait on God and follow His path; we smash our hands down and stomp our feet and scream, “We want it now and our way!” God is the BEST at timing (I can’t wait to hear more of His jokes) and just plain perfect at His planning. Whether it is pushing people forward in their lives, finding “the one,” or getting that perfect job, His timing is best.  We need to wait on it, not nag for it to be ours.
Perspective – I need to consider the perspective of others. Not only people I am working with, but God’s. People look at things differently and come from different pasts. The more that I remember that, the better I can minister to people’s needs in a way that they will see Christ.
Picking people up– Picking people up is our job as Christians. Satan tears them down, God will convict people, and we are sent to pick them up and turn them to Him once again. It is easy to be critical and talk about what needs to be improved. We can zoom in on the progress needed and let the progress made be blurred. God has reminded me to celebrate victories with people as often as possible. Dance in the light, because the light itselfis what conquers the darkness, not our fight.

So be you working at Open Door Mission, or doing ministry at your job… remember the 3 p’s (or the 2 p’s and an e)
Permanent Supportive Housing Director