The Story of Patrick…Part 2

Mar 1, 2016  |     |   General

     Patrick returned again, and this time he was belligerent.  He was muttering under his breath, and making all of us at the store nervous.  Also shopping in the Center was a woman and her children, so we did not feel comfortable with Patrick being around them.  My director took action, and with the help of a volunteer, compelled him to leave. He resisted, but eventually left.
     That was one of our moments since opening the Family Outreach Center.

     A couple of weeks ago, Patrick came in again.  He was looking for some dress clothes.  I was the only staff working at the time, which put me on guard, watching as he walked around the Center.  But then Patrick asked me for advice about what might match, and my heart softened.  He had picked a pair of pants, and I was able to help him find a nice shirt to go along with it.
     I asked Patrick what the suit was for, and he admitted that he had a court appearance the next day for possession of drugs.  He didn’t know how he was even going to get to the courthouse.  As we talked further, Patrick apologized for his behavior the last time he had visited.  His humility opened the door for me to pray for him, for the whole situation. 
     Praise God for the way He changes hearts and minds.  Although this story doesn’t have a happy ending, I know there’s still more to come in Patrick’s story.  God is working on His heart.  Please don’t forget to pray for Patrick, wherever he might be. 

John Michael Den Hartog
Homeless Prevention Manager