The Simple Joys…of Shopping

Aug 4, 2011  |     |   General

Sometimes you forget how wonderful and caring people can be. One of the joys of working at Open Door Mission is you get to see how God works in everyone’s life, from staff to clients to donors. Our Back to School Bash collects new clothes for homeless and near homeless children. I am privileged to head up that drive, encouraging others to give new clothes for children they may never meet. Every year I wonder will we have enough clothes and shoes, will people be able to help, and will the children appreciate the love sent their way through the clothes donations. Oh me of little faith.

This week and last the clothes came in by the carload! From the Elk Horn Lutheran Church in Iowa to UPS at the airport to Raytheon to King of Kings and a host of other individuals and organizations the clothes filled racks and tables and shoes are stacked. Everything was soon ready for shopping thanks to some great organizers and sorters. The Administration building second floor has become a children’s clothing shop where shoes and clothes are free to the children we serve.

Then the children came. It is such a blessing to see their happy faces and hear shouts of glee when they find that perfect pair of Iron Man shoes or a shirt to match a skirt. What joy to help each child feel special as they chose shoes, underwear, socks and at least one new outfit. We sometimes forget the simple joys denied so many, but this week at Open Door Mission we rejoice in generous donors and precious children that get the joyous experience of shopping for new clothes. Thank you everyone for blessing these children’s lives and mine too.

I love my job!

Maggie Cope

Communications Coordinator