The Power of Prayer

Jul 27, 2013  |     |   General

When the Timberlake Outreach Center’s lovely receptionist has a day off during the week I like to jump in when I don’t have guest to meet with and cover the front desk.  Doing that puts me to come in a little later than my schedule time. When I came in today I had a guest waiting for me. I thought they just needed to reschedule and appointment, sadly, that wasn’t the case. When I approached them to greet them they were frustrated, upset, stressed, and emotional.  They started telling me everything that was making them feel like this. As they were explaining to me their situation a lot of thoughts were going through my mind.  As they continued to explain, questions like, “What do I say?” “How can I comfort them?” What advice can I provide?” popped in my mind.  As I was paying close attention to their situation, it then hit me, I can pray for them.

 In Psalms 107 talks about how much power is in a prayer. The men in the sea were in trouble due to the weather. They cried out to God and he calmed the storms and brought them peace. As my guest was venting their frustrations I thought about this verse.

Once they finished, I said, “Let me pray for you.” As I started my prayer we both felt the presence of God. I touched points that they didn’t inform me of and it became a nice beautiful moment. Once I finished, the guest said to me, “Thank you so much. I felt the presence of God and my heart is now at peace. I felt God’s arms around me like if he was giving me hug for comfort, thank you so much.”

Sometimes we may find ourselves in situations where we may not know what to do. Sadly, at times praying about it becomes a last option. Being honest I am guilty of it. When everything is going good, at times, I just give thanks to God but do not pray. When crisis strikes? Oh boy, do I pray like there is no tomorrow. If this short story/testimony/parable can teach you something let it be this: never underestimate the power of prayer. If you think God is good when your prayer is answered during your crisis, imagine how God will be when you are praying in good times as well; it is amazing what God can do through it and you sure do not want to miss out on it J

Gennesis Guzman
2911 Program
Timberlake Outreach Center