The Mountain Didn’t Move

How many times have you prayed or even begged God to do something in your life? You just know that what you are asking for is in His will. You know you have the faith to move mountains, but the mountain isn’t moving. To those new to Christianity, it can cause them to question their faith, their relationship with Christ and make them ask “just how good is this “Christian life?” Too many new Christians expect life to become a rose garden, minus the thorns, and when faced with reality can feel defeated and as if nothing has changed in their life.

At Open Door Mission so many have experienced horrible things in their lives and they are hoping that trusting

 Christ will make it all different…it doesn’t, it changes perspective. The difference is you have Christ to help you face your past mistakes, forgive yourself as Christ forgave you and walk in a new life. Faith isn’t for you to amaze others with God’s power, but for others to be amazed at God’s power to change your life…you are the mountain! Remember that maybe the mountain you are trying to move is someone else’s mountain to move. It isn’t the right time, maybe it needs to be moved by someone else or maybe God just doesn’t want the mountain moved. Continue to pray for the Holy Spirit to work in your life, to strengthen your faith. Pray for others to see has God has moved the mountain in your life. If you need prayer call the Open Door Mission…we have a prayer request that goes out to staff every week. We would be honored to pray for you.




Maggie Cope

Donor Relations Coordinator

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