The Missing Piece

Did you ever have a hard time fitting all the pieces of life together? Do you ever think you will never get all your ducks together, much less in a row? Do you ever have doubts that God just may not know what He is doing in your life? If you are sitting in your own home, have food in the fridge, a comfortable bed to sleep and a job to go to and you feel defeated, imagine being homeless. Those that come to Open Door Mission are looking for so many things. They are missing a vital piece in the puzzle of life.

Sometimes life feels like a jigsaw puzzle that has just been dumped on the table…complete chaos. What are the boundaries? How is everything going to fit together and what will the picture (of our life) look like? In the puzzle of life the most important piece to find is the “Jesus piece”. At Open Door Mission we help people find the “Jesus piece” of their life. We share the gospel message of forgiveness, hope and love. When they realize that Jesus has a purpose and plan for their life they can begin to fit the pieces together. All the pieces of their life will come together to create a beautiful picture of God’s love for them. We can’t force “pieces” into place. We can’t just forget a “piece”. We can’t add “pieces” that God doesn’t want in the picture of our life. If we trust the puzzle manufacturer to put all the correct pieces in the box, shouldn’t we trust God to have all the “pieces” of our life?  Trust God to fit the “pieces” together, even if something looks like it doesn’t fit; God sees the whole picture, not just a piece.





Maggie Cope
Blog Coordinator

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