The Menial and Monotonous

Jun 9, 2010  |     |   General

The menial and monotonous tasks are to be done by someone else, I want to do the big important stuff! We sometimes get people that have this mentality. It isn’t too rough because someone has to do the big important stuff too, but the boring and repetitive tasks can be hard to fill.

This weekend we were blessed to have Brookside Saturday Serve, combined with a large response to an “emergency request” for volunteers, helping stuff our bulk mailing. They brought a smaller number group than in the past, but huge in heart and usefulness. These people were smiling, laughing, and working hard.

The task of preparing mailings saves the Open Door Mission LOADS of money, but is not an exciting task. The lack of excitement and interest makes people not want to do it. But having the type of people that came from Brookside and the “Emergency” group made the day fly and quite enjoyable.

I look forward to these sit down times because it provides an opportunity to really talk with our awesome volunteers. Thanks to everyone who blessed us with their time and company.

Taylor Clinch
Volunteer & Partner Associate

P.S. Thanks especially to those who laughed at my joking and giving them a hard time!

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