The Lord Will Provide

Kate is Open Door Mission’s Clinic Coordinator, she often works with those in physical pain. She also does an awesome job scheduling student nurses and all the medical volunteers. Her efforts help the clinic serve our guests with great health care. Here is her blog.

A while back there was a blog about a grandfather and grandson that reunited here at the mission. That

 grandfather walks with great difficulty, due to a past stroke, using a walker. One day his grandson, Eric, came to me and asked if we had a wheelchair that his grandfather, John, could use. We did not, but prayed that one would come in for him.

No more than 24 hours later a staff member called and asked if I could use an electric wheelchair that was in good shape. “A friend of mine got a new one and wants to donate this one.”

YES!!! Was my reply. You could feel God’s love pouring through John when he saw his new ride for the first time. He was almost as giddy as he rode the halls that day, the first time relieved from his painful walking.

To this day when I see John he says through slurred speech, “Maanl” Meaning “My Angel”.

I love to see God’s love working in the little issues of life as well as the major difficulties.

Jehovah Jireh (the Lord Will Provide)







Kate Fischer

Free Clinic Coordinator

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