The HOPE I Have

Jun 17, 2015  |     |   General

     I have been working at Open Door Mission for a little more than three years.  Working in the Maintenance Department has given me a unique perspective.  I get to see most of the guests and staff that live and work here, often right in their own rooms or offices.  For the most part, there is a different feel across the Mission’s campus than anywhere else I’ve worked.
     Here at Open Door Mission you feel hope.  Hope that I’m finally going to get my life right. Hope that I’m making a difference.  Hope that I’m serving the One who directs my life.  
     I’ve seen people come to the Mission who are down, discouraged, and watched them leave changed, knowing God has a purpose for them.  I’ve even seen that in my life.  Working here is ministry, a mission that gives an outlet for God to work through me.  
     I tell everyone that the worst day here is 100% better than the best day at any of my past jobs.  That’s because I can see God at work and know I’m a part of it.

Gregory Crocker