The Gratitude list

Sep 6, 2014  |     |   General

One day I was feeling grumpy because there were several situations that did not go as I had wanted them to go. It seemed God was not listening to my demands (strange, right?). I was feeling frustrated with just about everything. In an effort to get out of my funk I decided to write a list of 5 things I was grateful for, and that was exceptionally difficult to do that day!

I had the opportunity later in the day to share my list with a student who was in a similar grumpy state. We were both so encouraged by this exchange that we have made it a daily routine. We hold each other accountable for coming up with at least 5 things that we are grateful for. It sits on my desk where it is always in my peripheral vision. Currently, I have 75 unique items on the list. That information alone is something to be grateful for!

I encourage you today to find a gratitude buddy and start your lists!

Vickie Gregorio
Learning Center Director