The Generation of Caring

I retired from full time at Open Door Mission on January 1, 2018, but Candace made me an offer I couldn’t refuse, so I came back January 3rd part time. The offer I couldn’t refuse? I would continue teaching a class for the ladies at Lydia House and I could go teach Open Door Mission information classes at schools (elementary through college). I love sharing with students and opening their minds and hearts to those I love, the homeless.
When I share at schools I am amazed at the number of students that have no idea about poverty and homelessness. I actually had one student who does not speak to people who live past 72nd Street. This is sad because the majority of the students are compassionate and caring, wanting to make a real difference in the world. What better place to start than their own metro area?
Going into the schools, sharing facts, stories and the Mission’s needs demystifies the homeless/poverty situations. When sharing, statistics become people, families like theirs and students just like them. They can begin to understand the needs of their community. They can help stop prejudice against certain groups. They can begin early giving back by volunteering and helping less fortunate. These are our future leaders, our legislators, judges, medical care givers, business developers, educators and even our neighbors. Knowledge is a powerful force and by educating students about poverty, homelessness and Open Door Mission, we set the hope for a more compassionate and caring world.
I am just one very small part of Open Door Mission, but I like to think that by educating others I will help change the world. I have great faith that those I teach will be the future volunteers and donors to continue God’s work of love & hope at Open Door Mission.

Maggie Cope
Gift In Kind Coordinator

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