The Best Fishing Trip of the Summer

Oct 16, 2010  |     |   General

I would be putting it mildly if I said I was an avid fisherman. My love of fishing enables me to fish at least once a week and many weeks even more. Truth be told, sometimes I enjoy fishing more than people (smile). Some may think this strange and perhaps so, but Jesus himself seemed to have had a preference to fisherman. Let’s face it, what could possibly be better than the challenge of man against fish? I find great joy being alone in nature, just me and my fishing pole against those super intelligent fish. It is obvious that GOD wanted me to fish even more this summer because he gave me this incredible October weather.

Monday I decided to follow the LORD’S wishes and fish some more. As I eagerly gathered my fishing gear the usual happened. The PHONE rang. It was my son Joshua. My spider senses should have gone off immediately when he said he was just calling to see “what’s up”. After what seemed a year of small talk I finally confessed I was going fishing. Of course Joshua wanted to come. Joshua likes to talk and any good fisherman knows that fishing and talking do not go together. Reluctantly I agreed to pick him up. While in route to Joshua’s house the phone rang again and again it was Joshua. “Hey dad”, the voice said through the cell phone, “the kids would like to come also”. With tears in my eyes and a raspy voice I said sure.

Joshua has two adorable children, a four year old son, Joshua Jr., and a two year old daughter, Zion. When I arrived at their house the kids were standing in the front yard holding sack lunches and their eyes sparkled with anticipation. My son Joshua was suspiciously missing. I opened the front door and found him standing in the middle of the floor bent over and holding his back. “Dad, I hurt my back dressing the kids and I don’t think I can fish, but the kids are very excited about going.” Hoodwinked is what the elders call it. I know when I’ve been had. I made a mental note to kill him later.

Mahoney State Park is my favorite place to fish so that’s where I decided to take the kids. I’d never noticed before but some idiot placed the playground before you get to the fishing lake. “Pa Pa can we go to the playground, please, please. Can we go, please?” Four hours later I was still chasing Joshua Jr. and still pushing Zion in the swings. We played on every attraction and shoveled tons of sand into bright colored plastic buckets. The kids played with other children and everyone laughed and laughed.

As the sun set we sat on the park bench and admired the awesomeness of Autumn. They shared their sack lunches with Pa Pa and we sat in admiration of the beautiful colors far off in the distance. Mahoney Park is gorgeous this time of year and everyone should treat themselves to its wonders, but not alone. We had the most unbelievable day and I would not trade it for the world. As the kids slept all the way home I was glad I talked my son into letting me take the grandchildren fishing. I gave myself credit, not a bad idea.

True, Jesus was partial to fishermen but not to catch fish. (Matthew 4:18) “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.”

Jessie Powell
Garland Thompson Men’s Center
Emergency Services Coordinator

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