That’s Him–That’s my Son!

Oct 15, 2015  |     |   General

     There are many reasons why I love working at Open Door Mission, but the number one reason is because I get a chance to meet people who otherwise I would never have been able to meet.
     One of my favorite guests is a woman who came to us completely broken.  She has been off her medication, using drugs, and not taking care of herself.  She is a 60-year-old woman living on the streets doing on God knows what.
     When she came to us there were many reasons to think she was a higher level of care: she heard voices, yelled inappropriate things in the hallway, urinated on herself, needing instructions to shower and change.  I remember the day God laid it on my heart not to give up on her.  He lead me to make one thousand phone calls and ask one thousand questions to see what resources or help were available for this woman.  With the help of a visiting nurse who was volunteering at the Lydia House, I was able to get this woman an appointment with her psychiatrist.  He prescribed the medication she had been missing.
     Over the next few weeks, the guest started to level out.  She began to take care of herself, started communicating without yelling, and showed that she wanted a better life.  She obtained her ID, which meant she could access the account that she was receiving Social Security Income from.  She was even able to use the Metro to get around town.

     One day, this woman randomly came into my office and asked for help finding her son.  Her mind had cleared enough for her to remember that she had children and even grandchildren.  She gave me her son’s name, and I googled him.  I hit the “Images” button, and the first picture that came up was him.  She said, “That’s him—that’s my son!”
     I was a little unsure of if she knew what she was saying, but the woman was very clear that the picture of the man was her son. I did some more research and was able to find out that her son was a life coach and had a website with a phone number.  Before I left for work that day, I gave her the phone number.  When I returned the next day, the woman said she had been able to talk to her son!  She was thrilled.
     He ended up driving two hours to visit with his mother and take her out to dinner.  Now we are working on finding her an apartment in his area so she can be close to family.
     How can that not be God working in her life and mine?  God has blessed me with this woman and with this position at the Mission to help her. 

Tina Murray
Case Manager