Thank God for laughter

Oct 18, 2006  |     |   General

I thought I would share my Tuesday with you. Actually it began Monday evening. I had been out of town since Friday. I was in Kansas City spending time with my daughter, Emilee. What a privilege it was to hear her sing in church on Sunday and then at the Wyndotte County Christian Women’s luncheon on Monday. There is no greater joy in the world than hearing your child serve the Lord in that manner. Especially when neither her father nor I can sing a note. I arrived home tired from the 3 hour drive and threw my husbandss keys on the dining room table. Dan is out of town this week, which is a rare occasion, so I am on my own.

Tuesday morning I got up late and in my haste grabbed a set of keys off of my table, shoved them in my pocket, locked the front door, and walked outside. It was garbage day so I needed to get that to the curb (this is normally Dan’s task). I then reached in my pocket and discovered the keys that I grabbed were my work keys. But that wasn’t so bad, I fumbled through my purse in the rain and found my set of keys for the car. I then remembered that my front door was locked and I was hopping that the lock I used was the one that I had the key for. I knew that the lower front door key was on Dan’s set sitting on the table. I decided that I would worry about that later. I was running late and needed to get to the office.

My day consisted of representing Open Door Mission at a Combined Federal Campaign meeting. I always enjoy the opportunity of talking about the Mission. But when I got back to the Mission, I locked my keys in the car. This is only the second time that has ever happened to me. Remember Dan is out of town and his set of keys are on my dining room table in my locked house. Thank God for AAA.

After work I went to a hair appointment that lasted about an hour longer then usual. When I was leaving the appointment at 7:45 p.m. I decided to drive through Taco Bell and pick up a salad and tacos for my two dogs. (They love it when I bring them a treat.) Dan keeps a plastic cup filled with change in the car and I needed a penny for my purchase. I picked up the cup and you guessed it, change flew all over the car. For a moment I felt a bit overwhelmed, but…

As I sat at the drive up window, I looked back on my day and remembered how it began. I was running late, but I did take time to do my daily devotion. I have been reading from the Jabez story. It reminds me to dedicate everyday to the Lord and to ask for those “divine appointments” only given by God. I was so glad that I had taken the time to dedicate this day to God.

I ended the day laughing about so many things going wrong with Dan out of town and needing to take care of myself. I thank God everyday for Dan and my family but they were not with me on this day. I realized I was not on my own, God had spent the day with me. I am so grateful for a loving God that laughs with us when we do stupid things.

Karen Applegate
Director of Development