Tales From the Schoolyard

I am blessed to speak to various middle and high schools in the area about homelessness. The students often write me notes about what they learned and how the information has affected them. I am always amazed the most of the young people have no concept of the effect of homelessness on society and their lives. I will share some of these comments in “Thoughts from the School Yard”. These are their words and thoughts-uncensored.

~When it comes to the word homeless, I never think about all the children. There are so many out there. I thought the stories, about the moms and kids were eye-opening and interesting. It’s horrific sometimes the conditions kids and people have to live in.

~It is Crazy how many teens and young children are in need.

~For kids, it’s not a choice. They are born into homeless and start from the very bottom and have to go up. The upside is, when you hit rock bottom you can only go up.





Maggie Cope
Blog Coordinator


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