Taking Nothing For Granted

Oct 12, 2011  |     |   General

I helped move in a wonderful young family to the LH yesterday. Mom, Dad and several children had been living in their van off and on for over a month. As I walked them into their new room two of the middle boys stopped, looked at each other, and ran for the couch. “We have a couch! We have a couch!” They said this several times, bouncing up and down as they sat on their new sofa.
A moment later they joined the others in the bedroom where all the older children were softly crying. I asked what was wrong and one of the precious girls looked at me through teary eyes and said “We all get a bed.”
I almost hit the floor on my knees but I did tear up with them. It made me stop and think about all the things I take for granted. A couch to sit on whenever I want and a bed to sleep in every night. They were all so very thankful for what I had done for them but in reality it was I who had received the gifts. Thank you little ones for showing me again what we are all about here at the Lydia House.
Kate Fischer
Lydia House Director