Taking it to the Next Level

Feb 1, 2016  |     |   General

     Kim Schiltz, co-owner of Authentic You Salon, reached out to me a few weeks ago with a question.  She already blesses the WorkNet program with haircuts and colors before mock interviews, but she wanted to know if we had professional clothing for our women.  I told her that we didn’t have a lot available, and she said she had been going through her closet and had some things she no longer wanted.
     So Kim asked if she could donate these professional clothes to the Lydia House specifically to set our WorkNet women up for success.  I told her how awesome that would be, and she went a step further and posted on the Salon’s Facebook page that customers could also bring in professional clothes to her shop.
     This picture is what I picked up from Kim last week!  Thank you Lord for continued blessings!

Gerry Ford
WorkNet Director