Sunless in Seattle

May 30, 2006  |     |   General

Open Door Mission - AGRM Conference in Seattle WA You have heard of Sleepless in Seattle. This has been Sunless in Seattle. But the sun has come out this morning. I have been able to see more scenery today then in the whole last four days together. I have finally seen the mountain. But it just doesn’t measure up to cornfields:)
I have to mention that the opening night was fabulous. The special speaker was a former football player form the Seattle SeaHawks, HUTCH, Ron Hutcherson. He was inspirational and motivational.

I worshipped at the St. Elizabeth Episcopal Church on Sunday with my great Aunt Lib. We had so much fun visiting together. She is an artist. I was able to see her art work in a small gallery in Burien. The heritage that families can capture in their elders is forgotten often. I loved the old family stories.

Back on the homefront, at Open Door Mission things are running smoothly. How I know is because I have not received any phone calls. I heard that in the Omaha World Herald their was a story about a homeless man’s life that has been changed. He is a successful business man in Chicago. Did you read it? Everyday, lives are changed at the Open Door Mission.

Hoping to see the inside of Macy’s tomorrow.