Stressed Mothers

The stress of being a mother often seems unbearable for even the “average mother”. Now, just imagine being jobless, homeless and living in a shelter! It would be safe to say that most mothers at Lydia House have or are experiencing some kind of stress.

Stressed Mothers’ Prayer:

Abba, please give your special peace to the stressed mother. May she have clarity of thought, discernment and wisdom today. May she know that Your grace is enough, not what she did or did not get accomplished. May excitement fill her heart every morning knowing you are beside her throughout the day. May she feel equipped to tackle every challenge, every situation, and every day with courage and joy even if she has to “start over” several times. May she know unspeakable joy at the end of the day. We pray that as she lays her head down at night her heart is bursting and memories are too plentiful to count. Thank you for Your peace that surpasses all understanding. Amen

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