For being August the weather was cool and rainy, with many people being out and about.  It seemed as if every time we turned another corner we would have much to pray about.  It was a day when it left you feeling overwhelmed, yet happy we were able to be out serving our friends.  We have many concerns to bring before our Lord!!
The usual guys congregated in the field of trees on 15 and locust passing their time away drinking and keeping one another company.  Alex, Juan, Jose, Manuel  and Leonardo.  They always warmly greet us and appear grateful for the food and water.  As we were leaving the area we remembered we had some more of those water proof sleeping mats, made by a group of people from a retirement home.  We have already made great use of these, but one of these particular guys had not received one, as we offered him one he began to cry.  Sometimes the simplest things make people happy.
Another group was gathered at Johnny’s Place,  Marcus, Howard, Jeanette and Michael.  Michael said he had previously been in the program and would love to be a volunteer.  We encouraged him that this would be a fine idea.
Craig shared a prayer request for his wife’s niece, Shirl little eagle,  in Scott’s bluffs.  She has Lupus, and her body is swelling with fluids.  Karen had gone there to be with her.  In the past we have prayed many times for Karen.  She has had many leg and back complications, leaving her unable to walk, so for her to go and take care of Shirl is a blessing.
Our next visit was to the Sudanese men at the abandoned gas station on 15 and burdette ( see photo below ) .  Each week it appears that week these men fall deeper into despair, depending on alcohol to get them through the day.  We fed them and gave them food but that was not enough for today.  How could we just drive away leaving them in this condition?  But what can we do?  2 of us got on phones calling anyone and everyone we could think of to try and help.  By the end of the day we at least had people calling us back and saying they would try and help.  Amy Harvey    had a couple suggestions one being International Center of the Heartland where Kara is willing to meet me there to try and talk to these men and see if anything can be done.  Please please pray for this situation as it is very heartbreaking. The names of these men are (from left to right)  Chan Nyakhor, William ( white guy ) , Pamier (lying down), Miguel (very educated), Tut (66 yrs. old), Panom, Gabriel (standing), and Gat Keeyok (lying down).  We also had mats and pillows for them, trying to find some kind of comfort.   Before we left Tut who is 66 yr. old and doesn’t speak English motioned for us to pray!!  What a fabulous idea!!
We didn’t see Christine and Emmet out and about as we usually do so we went to the alley where they keep their tent and personal belongings.  We found both of them passed out and we were fearful that something had happened to them.  This was very unusual for both to be in this condition.  Again it’s so heartbreaking!!  We spent sometime talking with them trying to tell them they don’t have to live like this dirty, smelly, and passed out in the mud!  Don’t really know if they heard or understood what we were saying but we can PRAY.  It must have been a rough night because Christine had been shot in the eye with a BB gun and Emmet shot in the leg.  Her eye was very swollen and red.  We tried to convince her to go get it checked!  We had a mat for them to at least help for the moment.  We can’t fix them,  just love them!!
On 16 and Yates we found Jeff, William and Gary.   We have been praying for Gary for the past 2 weeks.  At least today he wasn’t passed out in the weeds as last week.  We try to encourage them they don’t have to live like this!  It’s so difficult when they have no hope!
At the small park on Florence blvd.  we came across Dennis, David, and Clarence.  Dennis spent lots of time encouraging us to keep doing what we are doing.  David was in tears because his partner Kevin has been hospitalized again due to seizures.  He has not been taking his meds like he should.  These guys have been in our prayers a lot lately, please continue.
At the gas station on 24th st where we serve many people we found out that one of our old fellows had passed away.  His son Greg also works there and would appreciate our prayers.
On Leavenworth st we found Rosie, ( another heart breaker ) who shared she was pregnant and that it was a tubal pregnancy.  She asked if I could go with her on  Monday to the hospital where she had an appointment and no one to go with her.  I promised her I would be there!  On Monday Rosie was not where we were suppose meet.  I checked everywhere around the hospital and back on 24th st where she hangs out.  Her friends said they had not seen her since the A.M.  it was now 4:00pm.  Again I need you to pray for this situation as this is very serious to her health.  It is possible that she was at the hospital and I just couldn’t find her.  While I was at the hospital I met Bonita who was sitting on the floor in a corner crying.  We talked and prayed and I promised her that my friends would also be praying for her : )

Near 30 and dodge our Native American friends were hanging out.  Rosa has been a friend for the past 15 years and still remains homeless most of the time.  We are always glad to see one another. Her and Kevin are staying in an abandoned house in the neighborhood for now.  This appears to be their way of life, but as they get older it must get more and more difficult.  More prayers!

People come and go out of our lives, some stay for ever and others only for a day.
Reuben needs prayer to get through his days of being homeless.
Marie struggling with addictions.
Cheryl struggling with addictions and abusive relationships.
Downtown Tony struggles with mental illness leaving him to eat out of trash cans, wash up in the Leahy lagoon, and wear the same filthy clothes over and over each day.  He walks the soles right off his shoes.  If anyone finds size 13 men’s tennis shoes he could use them!!
The Hopkins family updates: 40th and Bedford.  Anita is still recovering from a stroke, but getting stronger each day.  Prayers for her overall health.  Annie is in a lot of pain due to her wisdom teeth needing to be removed.  She has an appt in September, but that’s still a ways out.  She will be going back to metro tech in a few weeks.  Tommy will be a sophomore at benson this year rather than north high school.  Prayers for a smooth transition and also he needs size 13 football cleats, which his family cannot afford.  Please let me know if anybody has some. ( I’m sure everyone has these laying around the house)
Miss Sarah is still struggling physically but her spirits seem brighter.  Continue to pray that she can find a live-in person to help with all the chores.
Wanda got teeth!!  She is so proud of them and was happy to show them off to us.  It was really cute when she popped them out to show us where they still needed to be adjusted.  The things we take for granted like being able to chew.  She still can’t eat with them in because of how they fit and it’s not easy to get to the dentist when transportation isn’t readily available.  Wilbur is well and always has some information to share with us in his childlike ways.
Theresa was so excited to share her good news with us.  Her new apartment is ready for her on 16 and farnam.  All the paper work has been approved and the best part is she doesn’t have to pay for the movers!!  What a huge praise and she gives all the glory to God!!
A heartwarming story to finish out this note with all of its tough situations.  Gary’s grandson Cory has come with us a few times this summer and today was special because it was his birthday.  What a way for an 11 yr. old to spend his day!  People that discovered this made a big deal out of it and we sang to him at least 3 different times.  Cory couldn’t wait to get to snowman Jerry’s because he had a gift for him.  A clay snowman that Jerry could actually build!  Jerry was so excited which was even greater for Cory.  Jerry said he had something special for Cory, he gave him a frozen cookie which Lindsey had made for him saying “she won’t mind because I have 2 of them”
These relationships we build are treasures from God!!
“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full. I am the good shepherd.  The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep”
John 10:10-11

Lisa Harrison : )