Thirsting for Something More

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Following the divorce of his parents at the tender age of three, Dillon bounced from foster home to foster home enduring years of pain and physical abuse. He attempted to live with each parent but living with either a violent father or a drug-addicted mother didn’t make safe alternatives for a child.

He recalls his father jumping from girlfriend to girlfriend all the while abusing him and his sister. On the other hand, his attempt at living with his mother and step-father resulted in Dillon selling drugs in middle school. At age 13, he was placed in a youth correctional facility.

Dillon’s rebellious life continued into adulthood. His daughter was born when he was 32 and he realized he couldn’t live a double life of dealing drugs and raising a family. The time had come to pick one. He got clean and sober for three years but there was still a piece that was missing that led him back to drugs and alcohol.

He started his own tree company and kept busy with work but thirsted for so much more. He felt a tremendous void in his life, one that in the past was filled with drugs and alcohol. Dillon’s negative thoughts were consuming him and his life was falling apart.

People encouraged him to come down to Open Door Mission to get help, which he did reluctantly. After weeks of debating of whether or not to join the New Life Recovery program, Dillon recalls the day he looked up to the cross in Open Door Mission’s chapel. At that moment, he sought Christ with his whole heart and became a born-again Christian. The hurt he felt was gone. He learned to let go of the anger and bitterness.

Dillon did join the New Life Recovery Program and graduated in January. Dillon now has a restored relationship with God and an understanding of who Jesus Christ is. He draws from that cup every day, inviting the Holy Spirit into his life. Dillon says, “If I don’t call on the Holy Spirit daily, I will be prideful and destroy myself.” He has learned to ask the Holy Spirit to be inside of him and help him make life-giving choices.

He now works at a local recovery center where he gets to serve others. Daily, he sees reflections of his former self full of anger and emptiness walk through the doors in need of help. He is thankful for Open Door Mission as he has found that missing piece, Jesus Christ. With Jesus at the center of his life, Dillon has rebuilt his relationship with his daughter, goes to work every day, prays and believes in God.

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