Remember John? A Miracle of Restoration

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John talks about the moment like it just happened: “I was talking to Eric, my father-in-law. I listened for anything that could change me, when God gave him the words that would make all the difference.”

That was the day John was deciding whether to get help to kick his addiction to painkillers and marijuana. It was the day he was figuring out whether he wanted to recover for the sake of his wife and twin babies. It was the day he heard Eric say, “John, you have two choices. Five years from now, do you want your friends and family and kids to say, ‘Remember John and how he used to be in our lives?’, or ‘Remember that time in John’s life when he overcame so much?’”

John’s addiction had led him into a life of deception on almost every front – a life that cost him a positive reputation, a position of leadership in the church, and very nearly his family. But his father-in-law’s advice turned John toward the New Life Recovery Program at Open Door Mission. “The program was not easy by any means. But as I continued each day, I realized how much I truly needed to be in the program. After each week, I grew spiritually stronger and more capable of leading my family in Christ. God worked in my life,” he recalls. “Thief, liar, selfish, addict, false prophet – I had been all those things and He brought them all to light.

“God broke me in this program. But I have also discovered that leadership is formed through brokenness. I am ready to provide my family with a productive and loving environment, and I must set an example for my children to look up to as they grow and develop into adults. I want them to know how much God has blessed me to overcome.

“I am returning to college this summer to pursue my bachelor’s degree. I am also blessed with a sales job that will provide well for my family and our needs. And we need Jesus most of all. Without Him I have nothing, not even sobriety.”

John’s gratitude is clear as he considers the work of God in his life. “God restored my family. He is giving me back the years I lost. He has molded me into who I am in my new identity as a sober person.
Through the Open Door Mission and most of all Jesus Christ, my family and I have seen the miracle of restoration. We have a fighting chance to not become a statistic, but to walk in the way of the Lord.”

John is another example of a life changed thanks to the support of friends like you. On behalf of each of us at Open Door Mission, thank you!

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