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“I did not know what a luxury it was to have a good job, until I lost mine.”

Roxie’s story is one about America’s struggling economy. It’s one of a hardworking single mother. But Roxie’s story is also one of hope.

For 16 years, Roxie held an office job in California that paid the bills, provided insurance, and had flexible hours for her to take care of her family. Then one day, the company downsized their staff, cutting Roxie’s position.

Having some money for emergencies, Roxie was able to provide for her family for a while; submitting as many applications as she could. Although she picked up jobs here and there, a year and a half produced no full time jobs.

Eventually the savings and the 401k ran out, and Roxie and her family were evicted from their apartment. So the family of four moved into a friend’s house. “This home was nice at first, but eventually became less welcoming,” said Roxie.

One day, the host family told Roxie that she had to move her family out.

Roxie decided to sell everything and move out to Omaha, NE, closer to family for support and new opportunities.

After landing in Omaha, the family took a taxi directly to the Lydia House. During this short ride Roxie prayed, “It’s all on You, God.” She knew that her Lord would provide for and protect them.
The doors of the Lydia House were so welcoming. God opened up the exact number of sleeping mats on the floor in the Overflow Section that Roxie and her family needed.

“The staff said, ‘Sit here, relax. You’re safe.’”

Today, Roxie and her family have their own family unit at the Lydia House, and things are looking brighter than ever. Roxie graduated from the career assessment and development program, known as WorkNet, at the Lydia House. She now has a full time job and so does her oldest daughter.

God has been Roxie’s rock through this whole process. He has always been there. She is thankful that He always kept their family together and that they never spent a night on the streets.

Her relationships with other families in the Lydia House truly have changed her as well. “We’re all human, we’re all on the same level…I’ve learned that women going through recovery are strong and compassionate. They get that strength from each other and from the Lord…Here is a safe place for them.”

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