Still Alive to Tell Their Stories

Nov 18, 2015  |     |   General

Open Door Mission is so grateful for every volunteer
who makes the Free Health and Healing Clinic
a success.

     I wanted to share two occasions from this past week that prove God is at work at Open Door Mission.  Last week, a guest came into the clinic with fuzzy vision in his right eye.  After one of our volunteers assessed him, she decided to take him to Emergency Room.  There, he was immediately taken in for laser eye surgery.  His retina was tearing in two places, and had he not come into the clinic, he may have completely lost his eyesight in that eye.
     A couple of days ago, a Garland Thompson Men’s Center guest came for a blood pressure check.  After talking with him, the man revealed that he had heaviness and a stabbing pain in his chest, and that his left arm was going numb.  The paramedics were called and an EKG was performed right in the clinic.  He was indeed having heart problems, and the paramedics immediately started medication, moved him onto the gurney, and took him to the hospital in the ambulance. 
     Had either of these men waited to come in, they may have different stories to tell today.  I am praising God for being in the right place to serve His people just as they need.  God is good, and He loves to care for His people.

Kate Fischer
Free Health and Healing Clinic Director