Step Out

Aug 30, 2007  |     |   General

Open Door Mission - Step OutThe Step Out Program had about 300 volunteers, on Sunday. The Step Out groups came from King of Kings Church, Christ Community Church and Trinity Interdenominational Church. Open Door Mission did have some families with kids around 8-10 volunteering, too. Our team is still capturing the total volunteer hours donated.

The Timberlake Outreach Center was able to empty 30 gaylords of products onto the floor in preparation for the fall and winter months.

Open Door Mission - Step OutThe Christmas mailing is about 75% completed. This was a sit down project that saved the Mission hundreds of dollars doing it internally rather than out sourcing.

The TORC outside is primed and painted with one coat. We plan on putting on the second coat on Thursday. Also, the outside of the Permanent Supportive Housing apartments received their first coat of paint and the 2nd one will be done on Thursday.

Open Door Mission - Step OutThe north side of the main mission building has one coat of paint on it.

The backpacks are sorted and we have a complete inventory list for Christmas usage

The kitchen was painted.

You will not believe how much difference the outside of TORC and PSH look. The before and after are unbelievable.

Open Door Mission - Step OutGlen, Open Door Mission’s Property Manger said he was almost in tears when he saw the first 50 orange shirts arriving to help.

Praise the Lord for His Blessings are falling upon us.

Open Door Mission - Step OutI hope that you enjoy the photo’s.