Stay for the Blessing

Carrie is a poised confident young woman of the Lord. To see her now you wouldn’t even suspect she once was a drug addict and dealer. At Open Door Mission she has grown in her faith and trusts that God does have great plans for her. When she was arrested and jailed for drugs, Carrie’s life began a turnaround. She began studying the Bible and praying while she awaited her fate. Jail gave her chance to rebuild her relationship with God. She felt the Holy Spirit guiding her and comforting her. Her application to Open Door Mission was accepted…she had wanted a Bible based recovery, God was at work. The court ordered her to Open Door Mission for the New Life Recovery program, they would postpone her sentencing until she completed the program.

Carrie earned her GED. She says she doesn’t mind constructive criticism, especially when it helps her grow as a Christian and a person. She is no longer bitter about giving her children up for adoption, she knows God helped her love them unselfishly. She has laid her dreams, hopes and life at Jesus’ feet with total trust. Her gentle spirit helps her comfort new ladies to the program. She encourages them to stick it out during the rough times, to stay for the blessings God has for them. She reaches out to others with prayer and empathy. She faces sentencing this summer, anywhere from 5 to 40 years on the drug charges. Her prayer is to not for God to take that away, but for God to give her strength to Serve Him wherever she will be. Carrie is a princess (daughter of the Kings of Kings), and to me a warrior hero. She shows others her faith by how she lives every day, and she willingly prays for others, especially encouraging them to stay in the program. Please pray for Carrie, and all the other women facing life changing choices… God is at work in their lives at Open Door Mission.






Maggie Cope
Blog Coordinator

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