Stay-at-Home Mothers

May 10, 2019  |     |   General

Some mothers are blessed to be home with their children all day. There is no right or wrong as to being a stay-at-home mother or not. Each situation has its own positives and negatives. We need to remember that stay-at-home mothers need prayer too.

Stay-at-Home Mothers’ Prayer:

Father, praise You for parenthood, and thank You for the opportunity for some mothers to stay at home with their children. Their calling to stay at home are specifically theirs, for nothing You ordain is coincidental. It is an honor and a joy to watch the children discover Your world. Jesus told us to “have faith like a child,” and as the children wake up to the world, may they are blessed with rediscovering Your world through their children’s eyes. Thank You for the spouses, who work tirelessly so that they can remain at home with their kids. Thank You for friendships with other stay-at-home parents, they encourage and uplift and provide “adult” conversation. Thank you for programs for the children at libraries and recreation centers (and the people that man them) that fill the needs for a different approach to learning and growing. Protect their hearts on the days they feel isolated and cut off from the rest of the world. Uphold their hearts in those moments when they feel alone and afraid, unqualified and scared. . Help them to stay in Your Word and in prayer with You each day as they navigate motherhood, knowing full well that You have a great purpose for this humble calling. In Jesus’ Name. Amen






Maggie Cope

Donor Relations Coordinator