Stan Latta – Director of Men’s Ministries

May 29, 2007  |     |   General

Hey it’s that time again and I’m thinking that with all that has happened here in Men’s Recovery over the last two weeks, I could go either direction (serious or joyful) with this blog.

On the greener side of things, we have a new garden put in here and that really does something to see and appreciate the new life growing and producing. That has already proven to be therapeutic for some of the men. Just two days ago, one of the men who waters the garden every night, could not be here. He was so concerned that he came to me and asked me to please make sure to have someone water the garden while he was gone. Get the idea that our men really do care about things that we may not suspect they will?

On the blue(er) side of things we have really went through some trying times lately, growth pains come deep and move slowly, thank God for the lesson of His faithfulness to be learned by staff and clients in that process. But it has truly been growth. When I asked one of my staff what to put in a current praise report, he said, “For sure the recent growth of the men” – Amen! Yet, it’s funny that in many ways we remain a kid and one of those ways is in the growth process. A kid wants to be grown right now, overnight, measuring himself daily to see if there is any difference from the day before. However, he doesn’t want to eat the necessary kind of foods to produce healthy growth or to sacrifice to get there. That’s the way I am, searching God’s Word, looking for new insights, new developments in my relationship with Him ( Like a kid, I love to eat), but I don’t like the discipline it takes to put those things into practice ( Like a kid, I hate to exercise, I’d rather play).

So, what do we tell our men? Well, growing healthy isn’t necessarily fun, but it is rewarding! That doesn’t make it easier for them, but it helps them to stay focused, especially during the tough times. You know, we fight an enemy that works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and never takes a break, a day off, or a vacation. But we serve a God that doesn’t either! To be like Him, we need to learn perseverance. There’s something to be said about the value of stubbornness, I guess.

On the sunnier side of things (yellower)? Yeah, I know I’m stretching now, curse my obsessive need for consistency! But there is a new closeness amongst the men that is noticeable and they actively talk about it. The reward is always greater than the effort.

The men are actively leaning to do recovery as a team. That is something you can’t teach them in a classroom and it’s a huge step forward for all of us. I guess that means that you have to give the credit to God and not to us as a staff. How would we have taught the men that? In fact a lesson to all of us about perseverance — When we meet our Lord none of us will say, “Gosh, is this all I get, it wasn’t worth all of my effort”, every single one of us will say, “ If I could have known, if I could have seen what I would get, I would have put in even more effort.”

Praise Him! Stay the course!