Staff Being Jesus with Skin On

Aug 11, 2008  |     |   General

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to give an update from yesterday’s Homeless Count. Joy and I went back to the Park in the afternoon. We took clothing items, blankets and lunches to the tent community members we met in the morning. We also took Heartland housing applications and coached the families how to fill them out. In addition, several people expressed an interest in having a Bible which Joy was able to provide. We spent about an hour ministering in practical helps and spiritual matters to the families. During that time, we were able to learn more about their stories which is fascinating in that one man stated he knew a staff’s employee from his childhood (what’s that about God?). They responded to us so graciously by offering us lunch and drinks (we told them we had already eaten).
What a blessing it was to see our prayers for divine appointments play out right before us!
Laurie and Joy