Spring-A Season of Renewal

Mar 20, 2020  |     |   General

Spring is God’s way of saying, ‘One more time!’ — Robert Orben

At Open Door Mission it can be Spring any time of the year. The reason is because we are all about “new life” in Christ. We are a Gospel Rescue Mission, we don’t change people’s lives, God does. People come to us, lost, hurting, frustrated with their life and all sorts of problems. It is our blessing to share God’s love through Jesus Christ to help them “solve” their problems. So many have no idea of God’s great love and forgiveness. Their past haunts all they do.

At the Mission there is the hope…for a new life, for renewal of their relationship with God, and for recovery. They can recovery from the darkness of their addictions and false hopes. They can have a rebirth in Jesus Christ…a totally new life to live abundantly. It is such a blessing to see people go from defeated to joyous. Life isn’t perfect. There is still pruning, times of “drought”, weeding and training (a trellis of life), but when the new life bursts forth in all its glory, we know God has been at work. God is all about second chances, Open Door Mission is all about giving others second chances (or more) by showing God’s love through Jesus Christ. Pray for us as we bring Spring into lives daily.





Maggie Cope
Blog Coordinator