Snow Day! Part 2

Feb 8, 2016  |     |   General

     Each morning that I spent with our guests during the two snow day overnights was spent with our students.  What a blessing to start the day by hearing them share what God was doing in their lives and seeing many willingly offering to pray.  It was humbling and encouraging seeing each of the students rise to expectations, take their assigned tasks seriously, and work.  It was wonderful being able to empower and encourage them.  They glowed each time Amy or I praised them for a job well done.  They walked taller, held their heads higher, and smiled.
     On snow days, no one is in a hurry and there is no place to go.  This meant our guests wanted to tell their stories, and we got to listen.  Some allowed us to pray for them individually.  While working with the students, many wanted my opinion or advice or insight.  In the end, these conversations always led back to a passage in scripture and God’s Word.
     I couldn’t help but remember that the typical homeless person goes for three days without anyone speaking to them, six days without anyone making eye contact with them, 11 days without an affirmation or encouraging word, and 21 days without a hug.  Let this not be typical for homeless guests seeking services at Open Door Mission.
     BE Jesus, SO people can SEE Jesus and want to KNOW Jesus.

Candace Gregory