Snow Day! Part 1

Feb 5, 2016  |     |   General

     During the recent Blizzard Kayla, I spent two nights sleeping over at Open Door Mission’s Campus.  How was it?  It was an adventure that I loved.  What a reassurance to know that staff were safe at home and so were our guests.  This was only the second time that I can remember spending the night on campus in my more than 20 years at the Mission.  The only inconvenience was the windows in the Administration building rattling loudly due to high winds as I tried to sleep…That and being so close to the work on my desk, knowing that it was not getting done. 
     As I reflect on those two days, the experience makes me more determined than ever to serve our guests with quality services.  I want to serve them not half way, but all the way with respect, dignity, grace, and God’s love.  I want to spend more time in God’s word, pray more for our guests and staff, pay attention to even small details at the Mission, and listen.
     Having to bundle up in layers to walk three blocks between the Administration Building and the Garland Thompson Men’s Center in freezing cold, bitter wind, snow, and sleet was a powerful reminder of how blessed I am.  I am grateful to have a warm home and vehicle, but also extremely sad thinking that some people have no choice but to walk in this weather.  My biggest heartache is for the many homeless who are choosing to live outside in this weather.  Yes, mental illness and addiction are factors, but I also wonder what I (we) can do to be more inviting to them.  

Candace Gregory