Small Church…Big Heart…Lessons Well Learned

Aug 8, 2012  |     |   General

I had an awesome experience last week to travel to Emerson, Iowa, an idyllic small town with a dynamic Baptist Church. The Pastor had asked me to speak to the Vacation Bible School to encourage them in their mission project for the week. I don’t know how much I encouraged them, but I know they encouraged me. There were about 25-30 children opening night, and they have decided to take on a project that many companies, organizations and churches have not even considered doing…they are going to provide NEW back to school clothes for ten children at Lydia House. They are doing “Adopt- A-Student” for school clothes. We are talking from head to toe provision…underwear, outfits, socks and shoes. The children have to collect at least $500.00 (of the $1,000.00 needed) because a generous church member has offered to match what they collect. We have young children choosing to make a difference in other children’s lives…by adopting not one child, but ten.
These children are blessed; they have wonderful Christian parents, a Biblical church and a lot of heart for missions… especially children’s missions. Like many of you I admit I wasn’t too sure they could do it-“oh yea of little faith”.

Less then a week later, on a beautiful Sunday morning God showed me the “faith of a child”. I returned to that little Church in Emerson, IA and the VBS children collected almost $700.00 which was matched by the adults; they were able to purchase shoes, underwear, socks and 2 complete outfits for 10 homeless children. Pastor Gregg said thanks to the money collected, sales, coupons and good stewardship they were able to get the children 2 outfits each. Those very special children never doubted their mission to serve the children at Lydia House, because they trusted God completely they did something awesome. I left First Baptist in Emerson IA praising God for the faith of children and the adults that have nurtured their faith. My faith was renewed and 10 children will have the HOPE that this will be a good year for them.

PS: The extra money collected and mission offering for August will bless the Children’s ministry at Open Door Mission.