Single Mothers

Single mothers have to be both parents, making their job doubly hard. There are mostly single mothers at Lydia House. Each one has a story, but they all have something in common…they love their children.

Single Mother Prayer:

Father God, we thank you for each and every woman you have blessed with the privilege of motherhood. Help each of your precious daughters to remember that although they are parenting alone, You have not left them nor forsaken them. We are thankful You see each of them and love them. If they are weary, we pray and ask that You send them a Godly sister in Christ to support them spiritually and emotionally. Place a hedge of protection around each single mother and her children, Father. We are thankful that You alone are their Provider, and spiritual leader in the their home. Bless these single mothers in your Son’s name. Amen






Maggie Cope

Donor Relations Coordinator

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