Singing in the Rain

September 21, 2011  |     |   General

If you came to our Walk-A-Thon this past Sunday you’ll know it was raining all morning, sometimes downpour!
I was one of the guide-walkers that day. Our assignment is to guide a group of walkers along the designated 1 mile path from Gallup to Open Door Mission’s Lydia House where they will be greeted by Candace and eat endless bowls of delicious soup prepared by 13 local chefs/restaurants!

Since it was raining pretty badly, we offered our participants a ride to the Lydia House if they didn’t want to walk in the rain. Amazingly enough, they all wanted to walk! They all said that was the purpose of our fundraising event, was to walk a mile in their shoes. And “in their shoes” they meant our clients we serve here, the homeless men and women that walk from further than Gallup to get to the mission for a hot nutritious meal and safe shelter.

Throughout the walk we talked and discussed homeless statistics and the shocking numbers. One of my walkers then began to sing Amazing Grace. She told me how only by the Grace of God alone is she still alive now and was once $40 away from being homeless her self!

The rain actually made a bigger impact on our supporters. As we got closer to the Lydia House, the entire group had a deeper appreciation and felt very blessed not having to do this walk daily for their meal.

Mimi Hannor
SDO-Heartland Circle
Open Door Mission