Shop With A Cop

Dec 4, 2006  |     |   General

I hope that you had an opportunity to read the article in Sunday’s paper in the Midlands section. The article focused on the increase of numbers of homeless at the Open Door Mission since the cold weather hit. As I headed to my car this morning, I was so glad that the cold snap had broken. Last week, as I ran from my heated home, to my warmed up car and then to my toasty office. I realize how much I take for granted. In our community, there literally are men, women and children that do not have adequate shelter nor are their physical needs being met. I thank God for the Open Door Mission and Lydia House and for the ones that have the opportunity to enter the doors.

Tonight, is Shop With A Cop. This is an annual event for the children of the Open Door Mission and Lydia House. Many times, our children have only met law enforcement during negative times in their life in relation to domestic violence, drugs, gangs, etc. This is an opportunity for each child to be partnered with a law enforcement officer for an evening of activities. Each child, will ride with an officer in their cruiser, shop together for clothes and toys, eat supper and visit Santa. This is a huge positive role model experience for the children. Thank you to the Irvington Walmart and the Omaha Police Union for their commitment and time to make this program a success.