Shining the Light of Jesus

Sep 16, 2011  |     |   General

As this is being posted, our three children are flying from Branson, MO to visit some popular theme parks located in central Florida. This has been a lifelong dream for them, and it is coming true thanks to the generosity of their “Nanna”. Due to work schedules and finances, my wife and I are not able to go. As we are excited for the adventure our kids are going on, we are also a little sad because we do not get to share several milestones, such as their first flight.

Reflecting on this, I can not help but think of our homeless and poverty stricken neighbors in the greater Omaha area. How many single parents are working 2-3 jobs to support their children, but are unable to spend adequate time with their kids as a result. How many children are forced to grow up too quickly and take on responsibilities that they are not ready for?

Fortunately, Open Door Mission is working to break this cycle of homelessness and poverty. Through the combined efforts of the Timberlake Outreach Center, Lydia House and Permanent Supportive Housing, Open Door Mission’s ministries are making an impact on our community. More importantly, the gospel of Jesus Christ is being shared daily, and that light is the only light that can truly pierce the darkness.

Darren Timberlake
Garland Thompson Men’s Center