Shelters For Sinners Such As I

I recently came a across the statement, “churches are just shelters for sinners.” I was not offended, because I am a sinner. I am not proud of the fact, but I do belong to a very large majority! Church is a shelter for sinners, a place of refuge, forgiveness and grace. At church you are given encouragement to change your life as a forgiven Child of God. Loving arms hug you, prayers are lifted up and you are accepted unconditionally.  I love that church is a shelter for sinners such as I.

Open Door Mission is a shelter also…we serve the homeless and sinners too. All of us that work here recognize that we are sinners saved by God’s grace and mercy. We are a Gospel rescue mission, sharing the gospel because it offers hope and forgiveness. Each of us working at Open Door Mission has seen the power of God to change lives, our own and others. The joy of working or volunteering at a homeless shelter is using the experiences and trials God has allowed in your life to help others not make the same mistakes, it gives you empathy for the situation and a chance to share about God’s love and grace. When people think I am so “good” to work with the homeless and addicts; I am quick to tell them I am not “good”, I am saved by God’s grace. I am sharing God’s grace, because in my deepest pit I was rescued. God can and will rescue those in the pit of homelessness and addiction also. Praising God for shelters like Open Door Mission and the Church. Places where you are encouraged to work on what is right in your life and believe in God’s opinion of you, not the world’s.





Maggie Cope
Blog Coordinator

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