Serving Those Living On The Streets

Oct 1, 2014  |     |   General

We came across a young man from Somali who was 30 years old and a Muslim.  He was quite a preacher.  He said Muslim believers are just like us always helping people.  He told us he has been spared from death 4 times, in his 30 years,  having been addicted to cocaine.  I believe this young man has a special gift of preaching and maybe one day could be preaching the gospel.  He is someone who has been on my mind and in my heart all week.  Please pray for him to know the one true God!!!

There was kids running about yelling “open door mission” and offering to help us deliver lunches to the low income families in need.  It’s wonderful to be so popular among the children!!  One young boy was looking for Bethany, Beatrice, and Erica (a few of the volunteer coordinators at Open Door Mission).  His name was Sa la la.  These young ladies made such an impact on these refugees and they are missed in this community.  I promised him I would let the ladies know how much they are missed.
Please pray for us as we go out today that God would use us to love on His precious children!!

The sovereign Lord has given me an instructed tongue, to know the word that sustains the weary.  He weakens me morning by morning, weakens my ear to listen like one being taught. Isaiah 50:4

Faithful Open Door Mission Volunteer