Serving a Cause

Apr 15, 2008  |     |   General

Students from Clarkson College came to the Open Door Mission
this past semester to work with our guests each week. After being here
they wanted to do something special to help Open Door Mission.

In the middle of March the Clarkson Students put on a Volleyball tournament as a fundraiser to help the Open Door Mission.

At the end of the day, the Clarkson Students had rasied a cash donation (more than $3,000) plus some 500 Taco Bell Value Meal coupons for our clients, Rose Theatre tickets, and some other goodies. A special thank you to Jennifer Silkett, Michelle Bittner, Joanna Fastje, Alisha Jones, Sarah Jordan, Dawn Longmeyer, Brandi Pfingsten, Tiffany Vermeline, Kelley Walther who were responsible for organizing what grew into a huge volleyball tournie. Here is Jennifer Silkett and 2 of the studends along with Darren Timberlake our Community Relations Coordinator presenting him with the cash donation and other gifts.