Seeing our Clients reach their Goals

Jun 24, 2008  |     |   General

I come to work with a smile on my face. I approach the staff on duty to be briefed. I start meeting with my clients. It is so awesome to see a client except the Lord into their heart for the first time, or rededicate their lives to him. I also get the opportunity to plant seeds all day long, and it is wonderful!! When I first start meeting with some one, we make one big goal together, but we do make sure it is achievable. We then set little goals to stay on track, and to get closer to our big goal. Then we finally reach that big goal, and the look on my clients face is unforgettable. That my friend is when I know the Holy Spirit worked through me to help him succeed. No matter how big or small the change is, the Lord used the mission to make it happen. I am honored to be a Men’s Emergency Case Manager!!!

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  1. I read Maggie’s blog entry this evening and I am thrilled to read that she and her daughter have talked on the phone. I am an Alumni of the Open Door Mission, I graduated in January of 2004, and I was a client when Maggie’s office was in the Emergency Wing. The changes I have seen Maggie make through the last five years are very inspiring. At the last meeting for Friends of the Friendless, she and I spoke. She is so much more confident and happy, her trials and triumphs, and her service in God’s work, has brought about a glowing change in her expressions and spirit. Just as she has, I have received many more blessings from God and the ODM since I graduated. Although I am busy with a “career change” into nursing, I look forward to opportunities to visit the ODM campus or volunteer my time. Thank you, everyone, staff, residents, and those who walk in, at the Open Door Mission, where the living Holy Spirit works every day and night. S. Kay Williams

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