Scammed in Denver

Jul 9, 2007  |     |   General

Okay, I am a veteran Rescue worker and I have been around the block a few times…and I was scammed in Denver and the person was not homeless for the record.

Chris, Open Door Mission’s Volunteer and Partner Director, and I are attending a three day conference to learn about volunteer ministry. As we arrived at the Denver airport, we walked out to the ground transportation. First mistake, asking a shuttle van driver “if” instead of “where” the Doubletree Hotel shuttle was located. The prompt response was that there was not one. Second big mistake, getting on the shuttle van for $19.99 a person. Upon arrival at Doubletree, I noticed two vans in the parking lot. Amazingly, written on them was Doubletree. My thoughts began to turn at that time towards our shuttle van driver whom was taking our luggage out of the back. ” No tip for you, buddy,” was what I planned to say, then I heard myself saying, “thank you.” Well, the Doubletree front desk confirmed my thoughts that there was a FREE shuttle to and from the airport provided by Doubletree. So, I am calling the American Shuttle, Inc. , this morning, and exchanging words on their deceitful employees service.
How would you have handled this situation?
On another note, the FREE warm cookie provided by Doubletree at check in was chocolate chip and it was really good.