Salute to the Red, White, and Blue…Part 2

Nov 17, 2016  |     |   General

     The event was to celebrate Veterans, but it truly was more than that.  This is true about all of Open Door Mission events.  We are creating community on our campus because without it, life change fizzles.
     We are the body of Christ.  We are a vine and Jesus is our source.  We are to lift each other up and share each other’s burdens.  We are the gathered and members.  We are brothers and sisters. We are a city on a hill.
     Please remember just how important you are.  People notice when you celebrate them, and they also notice when you are not there.  Our guests and your fellow staff appreciate seeing you go the extra mile, whether you are a volunteer, donor, staff member, or friend of the Mission.
     We are all co-laborers in Christ.  Each of us has our limits and our needs.  Our lives intersect here at Open Door Mission for a reason.  The Lord calls me and you to live a life of worship and love in a world that so desperately needs both.  He calls me and you to remember a people who are trying to forget and whom most have forgotten.
     Take time to help others be a part of community so they can experience lasting life change through the power of Holy Spirit and the aid of Christ’s community.
     These thoughts occurred to me after our service had ended, while I watched folks interacting with our Salute to Red, White, and Blue speaker.  I saw joy in many people’s face.  I saw appreciation of the message they had heard.
     One of our homeless veteran guests shared with me that he wished he had gone forward to be recognized, but could not see why a homele

ss guy should receive honor.  This man is a perfect example of someone who needs to be a part of community.

Steve Frazee
Senior Programs Director