Safe Shelter for the Holidays…Part 1

Nov 28, 2016  |     |   General

     Life for Kemesha can be busy and overwhelming, with a full house and a baby on the way.  But she is grateful to have found safe shelter at Open Door Mission for her and her family.
Kemesha recalls growing up really fast.  She remembers her family being homeless as a child, but felt her father provided for them the best he could.  Life hit hard when she became a teenage mom at age 15.
     “I grew up pretty fast,” said Kemesha.  Since then, Kemesha has experienced one hardship after another.
     “The kids and I lived in a house with no electricity and barely any water,” she said.  She even recalls walking to the nearest store to warm up food for her children.
     Kemesha decided to move to Omaha when her neighborhood became too unsafe.  Loved ones and friends were being shot around her.  Kemesha’s brother lives in Omaha, so it seemed like the best option for getting away from the violence.
     When the family first came to Open Door Mission, they had to stay in the Lydia House Overflow Area for a couple of weeks before a room opened up.  It was a brand new experience, but her children felt at home right away.

To be continued tomorrow, 11/29.

Beatrice Jones
Marketing Coordinator