Ronda Nelson Lydia House Assistant Director

May 21, 2007  |     |   General

I pray that you are having a blessed Worship day. After my family attends worship, we are off to our niece’s H.S. graduation celebration. This reminds me to praise God for the educational opportunities that the Open Door Mission/Lydia House offers.

The average grade level of an adult living at ODM is a 6th grade education – it is very hard in today’s job market to make a living-wage without further education or a trade. Nationally, a child that is homeless is three grades behind their peers, because of their frequent school moves, absenteeism, and the stress in their young lives.

At Open Door Mission’s Lydia House we make education a priority. Our Learning Center offers individualized learning programs. OPS offers GED twice a week during the school year. Our case managers encourage further education and career development by taking program members on field trips to local colleges and career fairs.

OPS, also, provides a year-round tutoring lab for our children, complete with the best tutors in Omaha. The tutors that serve, are so passionate about encouraging a love of learning that they pack up the tutor lab and follow the children to our summer Bible Day Camp! There are numerous stories of children coming in struggling and after just a few weeks of additional help and living in the supportive/safe environment of the Lydia House they are thriving and enjoying school!

This spring is already full of educational praises at Lydia House! Just this past Friday, a single mother of five passed her Medical Assistance and CNA tests ensuring that she will be able to support her family. Three teens are graduating HS – breaking the cycle of poverty!
Two adults have finished course work for their GED and are ready to test.

And from our alumni, families that have graduated from the New Life Recovery Program, three young adults are excelling as well! Princella is graduating Creighton with a Public Relations degree, Maria is finishing her first year at Metro on her way to a child-counseling degree, and Roshan is heading off to the police academy.

Please pray for these learners and consider coming down and volunteering your time in the learning centers.

Thank you for your support!
Ronda Nelson, Lydia House Assistant Director