Roger’s New Ride

Jun 24, 2015  |     |   General

     Roger grew up with two hard-working parents and six older brothers in Shreveport, LA.  Raised near the swamps, he spent most of his childhood fishing.  However by the time Roger hit his teen years he began to dabble with drugs.  Before long, he was addicted to marijuana, which eventually led to an expensive habit of shooting cocaine.
     Roger obtained his first job at the age of 16 and continued to work and hold jobs.  This is when he made the decision to move to Omaha, NE.  He felt the move to a new place could be the beginning of a new start. He had a steady job and a place to live.  However, Roger was still bound by addiction, and ended up with several citations for driving under the influence and began using methamphetamine.
     Roger found himself homeless and sleeping under the South Omaha Bridge, where he received meals from Open Door Mission’s street ministry, Streets of Omaha.  This is a group of volunteers who weekly pass out sack lunches, bottled water, and warm clothing to those living on the streets.  Any money Roger had he used for his addictions to gambling and drugs.
     July 12, 2014, Roger decided enough was enough.  He entered the Garland Thompson Men’s Center and within four days began his final journey to recovery by entering the New Life Recovery Program.  Eight months later, Roger graduated from this program.
     After 17 years without a driver’s license, he was able to retain one, and now plans to attend a diesel driving school in Bellevue.  His faith continues to increase every day.  He prays to maintain the wisdom he has gained through God and the love, care, and help he has received through the wonderful staff at Open Door Mission.
     He says, “The mission is the best place in the world. If it weren’t for the mission I would have died on the streets of Omaha.”  Roger is living proof that the New Life program is the finest road to sobriety.

Jennifer Frost
Open Door Mission Volunteer