Rocker Pose…for Christ!

Feb 22, 2016  |     |   General

“I came here directly from prison.  The photo’s background is of the prison across the street.  It is to represent where I was, and where I am now.  I am so grateful for everything, everyone, and praise Jesus.  I will keep trudging this road of victory, and remain an overcomer with Jesus.”

     This quote is from my friend, Michael, whose story and walk have been inspirational to me.  Another other crazy God thing in Michael’s story is that one day he asked me if bass guitars were ever donated.  He explained how he used to play the bass a lot before he went to prison.
     I just so happened to have a bass dropped off to my office the week prior.  Since I have worked at Open Door Mission, this was the first time that we had ever received a bass guitar donation.
     That’s the other element to this photo—the rocker pose!
     I was considering God’s provisions during my Financial Peace class the other day.  God calls us to be patient and not try to take our blessings or the things we want before He has given us permission.  We care called to trust that God has our backs.  When we do, God blesses our socks off!
     Let Him start working in you and be diligent to Him.  Seek first the kingdom of God and all these things will be added to you.  God knows what we need before we do.

Joshua Smith
Gift in Kind Director