Riverside Reflections

Feb 25, 2016  |     |   General

     I love, love, LOVE my job!  It is a privilege speaking to students, hopefully inspiring them to be more compassionate and caring.  These are reflections from Riverside High School students really touched my heart:

“The story that Maggie told us really hit home for me. Although I haven’t met the girl in the story, I felt like I did. Her life wasn’t the best, and she didn’t make great choices, but sometimes those choices were what she had to do, even though they weren’t the best choices.”

“Our speaker from Open Door Mission, Maggie, really changed my perspective on homelessness.   Her stories shed light on stereotypes about homelessness; how people judge each other before they even get to know that person’s story.  People have grown up or lived a different lifestyle from you and may not have had the same resources that you had.  Someone growing up in a middle to upper class family is not going to understand a family that is living in poverty, because they don’t have to live the same way. “

“Maggie from Open Door Mission brought up a lot of good points and changed a lot of our points of view about the homeless.  She helped us to realize that everyone has a story, and we can’t judge everyone based on their outward appearance.  The person she talked about looked like a slob, the state had taken away four out of her five children, and fed her infant soda.  While in reality she did not know any better.  She grew up that way; her mother taught her to do these things.  You can’t judge people by their outward appearances, and Maggie made that point clear when she spoke to the class.”

“When Maggie from Open Door Mission came to speak to us, I didn’t know what to expect.  When she started speaking, it was clear that she knows her stuff about homeless and poverty.  When she told us the story about that mom, you could tell how much Maggie loves what she does and she loves to help others.  I learned a lot about poverty from Maggie. It’s cool that she works for a great organization that helps many people every day.”

Maggie Cope
Community Relations Coordinator